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AP: New Record for Negative Spin?

Reader Gary B. points out that this AP story has this negative take on Bush’s trip to Iraq in what might be a new world record for spin:

Bush visit may have downside for al-Maliki
BAGHDAD, Iraq – President Bush’s trip to Baghdad comes at a pivotal time for the new prime minister, as he tries to convince Iraqis the country can stand on its own and end violence — if they unite behind him. But instead of bolstering that effort, Bush’s trip could push away the very Sunni Arabs Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is trying to court.

This story has no news value at all — it’s pure speculation! But the AP wasted no time putting it out there. “By my estimate this story comes approximately seven hours after the president’s plane touched down, and maybe two hours after he took off for home,” Gary writes. “Is that a record?”


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