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The AP Opens a Bureau in North Korea

AP executive editor Kathleen Carroll, when challenged about the AP’s ability to publish uncensored material from North Korea, said, ““The AP operates independently, regardless of location. Period.”

Well, I’ll believe that after I see the first photos of thousands of emaciated North Koreans eating bark. Until then, it’s propaganda as far as I’m concerned — calling to mind the CNN scandal, where the network knew of Saddam Hussein’s many atrocities, but never reported them in order to keep their bureau open.

As far as the AP’s past reporting from North Korea, Michael Calderone of HuffPo writes:

In addition to the news conference, Lee has covered several events from Pyongyang over the past year, including a huge magic show and a parade where Kim Jong Un — son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il — was introduced to public as heir apparent. She spoke about covering the latter event in a narrated slideshow featuring photographs from the AP’s Vincent Yu.

Honestly? A magic show is news?


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