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Are You Ready For Some Football?

Time reports:

With Election Day about almost two weeks away, Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s volunteers are going door-to-door, looking to secure each and every vote in key battleground states and insure a big turnout of their faithful. Their presidential campaigns are busy strategizing about where to focus their resources, which homes and voters they should be targeted. Well, a new study suggests there is one key indicator that they might be overlooking, and it has nothing to do with politics. As the candidates battle it out on the campaign trail and on the airwaves, they might want to pay more attention to the fans of the universities battling it out every Saturday on the gridiron.

I guess that’s why they sent Todd Palin to tailgate at Penn State:

And a little item from the archives, here’s Barack Obama cheering on the Nitaly [sic] Lions.


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