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Arguably the Worst News for Newspapers This Week

These guys are big newspaper ad buyers.

G.M. Notifying 1,100 Dealers That They Will Be Dropped

DETROIT — General Motors is telling about 1,100 dealers on Friday that they will lose their franchises by late next year.

Unlike Chrysler, which on Thursday released a list of 789 dealers that it was cutting loose, G.M. does not plan to announce publicly the dealers that it no longer wants. G.M. have sent the dealers a letter telling them their franchises will not be renewed after October 2010.

“We feel like we will be O.K. but we don’t know,” said Craig Sisk, the owner of Sisk Buick Pontiac in Longview, Tex. “I’m just trying to keep putting as many Buicks and Pontiacs out there as I can to where they feel like we’re one of the ones that they need. We’ve been profitable, so we know we’ve been profitable for General Motors.”

This is the second half of a double-whammy for smaller papers, which tend to rely heavily on real-estate (poof! vanished!) and auto advertising.  


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