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Ask And You Shall Receive

ABC’s Good Morning America is asking viewers to comment on the media’s coverage of Iraq. As MB reader Mark I. points out, they’re getting an earful. He sent in a few examples:

– A coward of a president would have let the attack on 9-11 stand. Aren’t we lucky to have a strong leader and great allies who are willing to stand up to tyranny and oppression so that we continue to have our freedom. Freedom to be diverse, to live our life as we choose, and freedom of speech, so that people like you [another commenter] can put voice to your uninformed comments and opinions. You can do this without the fear that you or a family member will be maimed, raped, tortured, or killed because you spoke ill of our leader. Get informed and educated (and not by the media) and you’ll have a much more accurate picture of what we’re up against as Americans.
– I agree… Its time we let the press know that Americans are fed up with the way they report news…
– I’ve been waiting for this day! Finally, mainstream media is being challenged. Their lack of positive coverage is frustrating. Thankfully we have a determined and very positive president.

I looked through the thread and thought this one was especially good:

Consider this: in three years we’ve had a little more than 2,100 deaths in Iraq. On D-Day, Allied troops suffered 2,500 deaths (1,465 American). What would this world have looked like today if we had turned our troops back from Normandy after that day. ONE death is too many, but – sorry to say – they occured because we care enough to do the right thing, and save millions of others from torture and oppression (that war AND this one). None of us LIKE war, and it’s not our fault it’s necessary. That said, let’s start looking at the GOOD things coming out of this, instead of focusing on the bad. Shouldn’t be a “political” thing… Democrats or Republican. Let’s get the job done and support what is going right, not what isn’t.
R. Martin, CTMC, USN Retired

Let ABC know what you think.


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