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Assignment Desk: What Did Obama Know?

From a reader:

Forget “spot the party” – a prize to the first reporter willing to pull out the question every journalist loves and every journalist dreams of asking a president or his advisors:

“What did the President Elect know and when did he know it?”

Now the answer may be quite innocent, may even help the president elect, but it is certainly a serious relevant question and needs an answer. How relevant- think of any possible answer and tell me it wouldn’t be the lead above the fold tomorrow.

WASHINGTON – Obama was “unaware of the efforts”  by the governor of Illinois  to secure favors from his office until a news release yesterday….

WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama cut off contact with the Gov but did not alert federal authorities after learning last month of a quid pro-quo….

WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama advised FBI agents last month of an attempt by Illinois Gov….


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