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Attacking Rush, Continued

Last month I noted a synchronized verbal assault launched against Rush Limbaugh by so-called political analysts Paul Begala and James Carville.  They were feverishly making the case that Rush is the de facto leader of the Republican party, and repeated this talking point as often as possible.

At the time, I theorized these attacks were no coincidence; likely hatched during the daily conference calls among Bagala, Carville, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.  

Lo and behold, this past weekend, Stephanopoulos induced Republican Rep. Eric Cantor to repudiate Rush on This Week.  Meanwhile, down the dial on CBS, Rahm Emanuel raised the Limbaugh issue unprompted, rehashing the Begala/Carville meme about Rush’s status within the GOP. 

I concluded my previous post on this topic with a joke about CNN simply hiring Robert Gibbs as an “analyst.”  Never fear: He’s in the loop, too.

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