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Aurora Victim’s Relative Tells MSNBC Not to Politicize the Killings

This is a must watch video where Jordan Ghawi, brother of victim Jessica Ghawi, tells guest anchor Michale Eric Dyson to not politicize the killings.

Of course, the next segment on MSNBC was a politicization of the killing:

And yet, Congress has been unable to pass stricter gun laws and a spokesman for President Obama said he would not be pursuing such laws in the wake of Friday’s mass shooting in Aurora, Colo.’s Keli Goff said the NRA’s is to blame.

“Apparently we have four branches of government, not three—the executive, judicial, legislative and the NRA,” Goff said. “That seems to be the fourth branch of government that’s running things in this country. Neither party, including President Obama, has the courage to go toe to toe with them.”

Goff said gun rights supporters have been trying to put off a conversation about gun safety with warnings not to politicize the tragedy. 

“They’re counting on the fact that we’re going to say this is not the right time to talk about this,” Goff said. “When are we allowed to talk about it, if not now?”

Yeah. Blame the NRA. Oddly, nobody talks about the booby-trapped apartment which I’m pretty sure the NRA opposes.


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