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Back to PBS Basics

PBS will air a 90-minute Bill Moyers documentary tonight called “Buying the War.” Moyers told Rolling Stone magazine that Dan Rather comes on the special to announce that the right wing has a “slime machine” that tries to discredit any journalist who tells the so-called “truth” about George W. Bush. (As if Dan Rather would know how to tell the truth about George W. Bush.)
Their argument is that the old media has been ruined by the new media — that “the Sean Hannitys and the Rush Limbaughs” seek to destroy and discredit “good reporting” (that is, liberal propaganda) and America is losing the “common knowledge” (that is, the suffocating left-wing media consensus) that helped the country make decisions.
This follows on the heels of yet another PBS documentary series, “Frontline,” doing a set of programs about how the press has been dragged into supporting the war in Iraq, and how the Bush administration was waging war on the media.
All this proves one important thing: PBS has lurched back into its traditional taxpayer-torturing role, dragging the rest of the liberal media further to the left. With Democrats back in control of both houses of Congress, any fear of congressional Republicans inside PBS has vanished. PBS, restored to its traditional, LBJ-founded role, exists to enhance the public relations of Democratic presidents and congressional elites. The whiff of Republican surrender and defeat came last year with three Moyers specials in October right before the election whipping up the Jack Abramoff scandal and promoting evangelicals who embraced the monastic solutions of St. Algore against global warming.
The Democrats thought it was a scandal when Ken Tomlinson at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting encouraged two right-leaning shows onto the PBS Friday night schedule – “The Journal Editorial Report” and “Tucker Carlson Unfiltered.” (It didn’t matter if Tucker was yukking it up with radical-left Pacifica Radio crackpot Amy Goodman, it was still unacceptable.) The right wing was somehow taking over when you could see a conservative or two on Friday night — and never mind the rest of the week. Those shows are long gone (Tucker went to MSNBC, “Journal” went to FNC). Instead we have the latest version of “Bill Moyers Journal” and the still-ongoing “Now” series Moyers and PBS started in 2002 (now hosted by David Brancaccio, but every bit as much on the agenda-pushing radical left.)
Now, under the Democrats, we have again a taxpayer-funded liberal playground that supports its own and spits out the last echoes of the Tomlinson era, like the controversy over Frank Gaffney’s film for the “America at the Crossroads” project. The oddest part of the censor-Gaffney scandal is that staffers at PBS station WETA would suggest that Gaffney should be dismissed from co-producing the film because of his conservative “day job” at the Center for Security Policy, yet Bill Moyers is president of the left-wing Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, and PBS poobahs see absolutely no conflict of interest.

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