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A Bad Leak, Huh?

This observation from Byron York deserves wider play:

Has anyone noticed an uproar over the leak of information from the new National Intelligence Estimate on terrorism?  I haven’t, either. […]
Just flash back to April, when it was revealed, through the Fitzgerald investigation, that Lewis Libby had been authorized to reveal parts of a then-secret NIE on Iraq.  The administration’s opponents were outraged — among them, the Times editorial page, which, in an editorial entitled “A Bad Leak,” said:

Since Mr. Bush regularly denounces leakers, the White House has made much of the notion that he did not leak classified information, he declassified it. This explanation strains credulity. Even a president cannot wave a wand and announce that an intelligence report is declassified.

Now, it appears no one even waved a wand over this new NIE leak.  As they say, where’s the outrage?

I can’t emphasize this enough: The New York Times editorial board has long since abandoned well-reasoned argumentation for partisan point-scoring. Expecting consistency from this board where consistency would undermine a political attack on the Bush administration is tantamount to waiting for Godot.