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Bad news for atheists.

There may be a God. Here’s an early indication, via the BBC:

A former French prime minister says he expects to be placed under formal investigation over an alleged smear campaign against President Sarkozy.
Dominique de Villepin has been summoned for questioning later this month by investigating judges.
Mr de Villepin strongly denies any wrongdoing.
The so-called Clearstream affair is centred on claims that false corruption allegations were orchestrated against senior political figures.

Villepin will be remembered by most Americans for his disgraceful ambush of Colin Powell at the UN, back in the pre-war day.
If this all ends in Dominique going to jail, that not only one-ups both Anselm and Aquinas in the proof-of-God stakes, but also provides the strongest evidence yet that the Almighty hates well-coiffed, self-published poets who are named after singing nuns and obsessed with Napoleon.
Of course, the faithful knew all that anyway.

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