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Bashing Paris Hilton…

…has been very good for the career of Mika Brzezinski:

With her June 26 “Who Cares About Hilton” tirade at three-million hits and counting on YouTube, MSNBC freelancer Brzezinski has been flooded with offers. Not bad for the former CBS “it” girl, who left The Eye unhappily in July 2006.
After her on-air Paris snit, “I was hoping I didn’t come off as a train wreck,” says Mika B., a regular on Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe and host of her own 10am ET hour. Suddenly, “my BlackBerry and phone were ringing off the hook. It was outrageous. I think I touched a nerve; that people were sick of this crap. Within the next couple of weeks, I got my own show and NBC was firming up a contract.”


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