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Bashing Toby Keith

Village Voice blogger Roy Edroso takes a shot at country-music star Toby Keith at the end of this post accusing Camille Paglia of being a “birther”:

And you thought birtherism was just for hillbillies and Republicans! David Weigel heard Camille Paglia on NPR yesterday, where the author of Sexual Personae and UArts professor told a no doubt astonished latte-drinking audience that “there are legitimate questions about the documentation of Obama’s birth certificate. I’m sorry, I’ve been following this closely from the start.” Indeed she has; we noticed her railing on the topic as far back as November (“simple questions about the certificate were never resolved to my satisfaction“). Now that they’ve got a genuine intellectual on board, the birthers just need a popular entertainer to carry their message to the sheeple. Come on, Toby Keith, what are you waiting for?

That would be the same Toby Keith who is an Obama supporter and Democrat.