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BBC Is Acting Like … the BBC

The BBC continues its crusade against the Iraq war by, in true goverment-media fashion, making things up. Reports Mike McNally of the inscrutably named Monkey Tennis Centre: 

On Wednesday the BBC reported the speech under the headline ‘Bush speech hails Iraq “victory”’. The headline was supported by the following sentence in the story:
He said recent troop reinforcements had brought about “a major strategic victory in the broader war on terror”.
However, this isn’t what Bush said. What he said was:
The surge has done more than turn the situation in Iraq around – it has opened the door to a major strategic victory in the broader war on terror.
’Opened the door to’ is obviously very different to ‘brought about’ – the BBC’s own words. The deceitful editing of the story, and the equally deceitful headline, were clearly designed to expose the President to the ridicule of the BBC’s viewers around the world, by creating the impression that he was once again prematurely declaring victory in Iraq, as he was ridiculed for doing back in 2003.

The maddening thing is that, when they’re called on this, they just erase the old copy and try to pooh-pooh it all as an “editing error.” Government-run media is inherently untrustworthy, but BBC reports still are regarded in many circles the way New York Times reports were, once upon a time: as unshakably reliable.


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