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The BBC and the Arab League: jointly silent on Darfur

Updating my earlier story on how the BBC and the Arab League together cover up what is going on in Darfur, I just watched the BBC program “HardTalk” in which presenter Stephen Sackur interviews – for almost 30 minutes – Amre Moussa, Secretary General of the Arab League.

Sackur didn’t ask Moussa about Darfur once, and instead just concentrated on allowing him to bash Israel. What a surprise.
(The BBC likes its anti-Israel programs, of which there are many, and the 30-minute interview with Moussa has now been broadcast seven times in the last 24 hours.)
Meanwhile, the BBC has just apologized and ordered an internal enquiry after it was caught repeatedly lying in its entertainment programs – see here and here. But when is it going to apologize for all the lying it does in its news and current affairs programs?

Tom GrossTom Gross is a former Middle East correspondent for the London Sunday Telegraph and the New York Daily News.


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