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BBC Outsourcing to India

This story is sort of ironic: Journalists from the Indian Subcontinent are protesting in London because the BBC is planning to save money by outsourcing some work to … the Indian Subcontinent. (“Gandhigiri,” referenced in the headline but not explained in the story, means following the philosophy or, in this case, the tactics of M.K. Gandhi, i.e. the journalists’ floral protest.)


The journalists alleged that BBC was compromising its standards and professional integrity by entering into agreements with governments and subsidiary companies in the Indian sub-continent.

Nearly 60 south Asian journalists gathered at the event, which was addressed by Jeremy Dear, National Union of Journalists (NUJ) general secretary. The NUJ, he said, would turn the protest into a national campaign across Britain.
Dear said: “We are committed to opposing these off-shoring plans which are ill-founded and put at threat not just jobs but editorial quality, integrity and the future of the World Service.


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