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BBC: Taking the Insurgents’ Word For It

What a great catch by Jason Smith today:

The BBC has an article out today claiming they have a “new Iraqi massacre tape“. The most curious thing about this article is not the massacre claim itself, but a line buried 15 paragraphs into the 16 paragraph article:

The pictures came from a hardline Sunni group opposed to coalition forces.

That’s like interviewing Hitler for his take on life at a concentration camp. Who needs fact-checking when you have such unbiased and trustworthy sources?

Smith also reports that the story is several months old and that other journalists have reviewed it and cast doubt on the idea that U.S. troops massacred civilians. Haditha has given all kinds of groups a reason to accuse the U.S. of committing atrocities, and sadly some news organizations will give their allegations uncritical amplification.


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