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Beck Moving to Dallas

But he’ll also be keeping his New York City offices open. The Blaze:

Glenn Beck is moving to Dallas.

The news may not surprise his loyal listeners — the host has been dropping plenty of clues and for many months.

And there were a flurry of internet posts in the last week about some of the real estate in question.

But today, Beck confirmed that he and his family are relocating to Texas.

“I can’t wait,” Beck said during his radio broadcast.

He also announced that he will be opening new radio and television studios there.

“I’m moving to Dallas, Texas, and my family is there now, and I will be there shortly. We’re keeping our business, Mercury, in New York. Nobody is surprised by this, I’m sure. We have been planning for a long time.”

Chris Balfe, President and COO of Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts, says the Texas facilities will not replace the company’s headquarters in Manhattan:

“Mercury is very excited to open a new radio & TV broadcast facility in

Dallas, TX. While Glenn will be spending much of his time there, we will

continue to maintain and grow our New York City offices and studios to

accommodate the talented staff we have assembled and will continue to

assemble here.”

A few weeks ago Beck announced the launch of his new broadcast site that will fully launch in September.

Nat Brown is a former deputy web editor of Foreign Affairs and a former deputy managing editor of National Review Online.


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