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In the Belly of the Beast: No Bias Here!

Last night The Week held a dinner and discussion at the Rainbow Room moderated by Sir Harry Evans. The subject was “The Media and the Presidency.” The panel included Dan Rather, Ed Rollins, Joe Scarborough, Bob Shrum, Lesley Stahl, and Jacob Weisberg. The shared conclusion: McCain’s campaign was flawed and unfocused, while Obama’s was masterly. When Rollins and Scarborough — and Evans, as well — tried to bring up the subject of media bias, the rest of the panel just weren’t having it, especially Steamroller Shrum, who, as usual, dominates when engaged in activities other than his actual profession, managing Democrats’ election campaigns. Weisberg protested that more educated voters supported Obama and that it’s no surprise that the media, made up of well educated people, favored him as well. Evans tried to argue that the media has an obligation to be more even-handed. But given that both the panel and the audience were made up of biased (and smug) media elites, they were not especially receptive to his criticism.

Myrna BlythMyrna Blyth is senior vice president and editorial director of AARP Media. She is the former editor-in-chief and publishing director of Ladies’ Home Journal. She was the founding editor and ...


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