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Bernard Goldberg vs. Jon Stewart

Bernard Goldberg on Jon Stewart and the anger of the Left:

In the big scheme of things what Jon Stewart says about me or what I say about him doesn’t amount to much.  It doesn’t really amount to much in the small scheme of things, either.  But this is the United States of Entertainment, after all, so here goes.

The other night Jon Stewart played a few clips of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and me, condemning the Left for tarring Tea Party protestors as a bunch of racists, because of what a few people might or might not have said at a rally in Washington.

Stewart said he agreed with us.  Generalizing like that, he said, was wrong.  Then he fired the heavy artillery.  He ran a montage of Fox News commentators making broad generalizations about liberals, including one of me saying that Democrats and liberals think people who live in the middle of the country are a bunch of jerks.

Get it?  We’re condemning generalizations then what do we do?  We generalize about liberals, proving that we’re nothing more than a bunch of right-wing hypocrites.

End of story?  Not quite.

The rest here.


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