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Biden: Americans Too Stupid to Appreciate All He’s Done for Us

On The Early Show, Joe Biden was asked whether we’re getting our money’s worth — our $787 billion’s worth — out of the stimulus. His answer:

“Absolutely, but I don’t think they realize it, number one.  Number two, we– it was designed to have two stages to it.  We’ve only been halfway through the act.  The job-creating portions are really loaded at the second half here, and the major projects that are going to be being built.  But yes, they have gotten their money’s worth.”

“I don’t think they realize it, number one”! Yeah, the stimulus is doing great, great things — not really creating any new jobs, that’s in the second half — but the real problem is you rubes, with your high unemployment and your anemic economic growth and whatnot, you just cannot appreciate that you’ve gotten your money’s worth. You just don’t realize what Joe Biden has done for you.


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