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Biden Being Biden

During Leslie Stahl’s fawning 60 Minutes profile of Joe Biden Sunday night, she did manage to ask him about his gaffetastic propensities. His response was classic Biden:

Stahl: [The President has] actually shown some displeasure with you in public.

Biden: That’s true.  That had happened in the past.  And, uh, quite frankly the president said to me he was sorry that it was taken out of context, his body language on one of those cases.

[Roll clip of Obama showing overt frustration after Biden insults Chief Justice Roberts]

Biden: I am who I am.  I’m not going to change. You know, the problem with my gaffes is they’re usually true.

A few thoughts: First, politicians have been using the “taken out of context” line to explain away damaging statements since the beginning of time. Obama’s alleged apology to Biden, however, may mark the first time a politician has ever claimed body language was taken out of context. A follow-up question on this point would have been priceless.

Second, Biden says his gaffes (at least he’s taking ownership of them) are only problematic because they’re just too darned honest.  Sure they are, Joe.  



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