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Birther Humor Aplenty at the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner

Good news. It seems, from the uproarious laughter from the journalists at the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner last night in D.C., that it’s perfectly acceptable to call President Obama a Kenyan, poke fun at the Arabic language and, on a lighter note, comment on the President’s less-than-smooth delivery of remarks without his teleprompter.

Here are a couple of clips of Larry Wilmore of The Daily Show performing at the dinner, making birther, Muslim, and stuttering jokes. Wilmore says he wouldn’t have made the jokes if President Obama had been at the dinner, but the more interesting aspect is how much the crowd loves it. Except Rand Paul. I can’t conclusively say that he didn’t laugh at the jokes, but whenever I saw him on camera it looked like he was listening to a memorial service of some long, departed friend. Steny Hoyer, on the other hand, well, he might have peed his pants for all I know.

Personally, I thought the birther jokes were funny, the Muslim one was probably over the line, and the clip of President Obama without the teleprompter is absolutely spot-on. Enjoy.

Clip One: Birther and Muslim jokes


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