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Michelle Malkin on the MSM blackout of the ACORN scandal.  An excerpt:

For its part, The New York Times yesterday finally deigned to notice the remarkable ACORN stings — but only to denounce the landmark investigative journalism as partisan bloodsport. Its disdainful headline, “Conservatives Draw Blood From ACORN, Favored Foe.”

The paper’s Scott Shane described conservative advocates and broadcasters as gleeful and quoted ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis bemoaning how the group has become a bogeyman for the right wing and its echo chamber.

Funny: Times reporter Stephanie Strom last year worked with whistleblower Anita MonCrief, formerly of ACORN affiliate Project Vote, on several investigative pieces exposing the financial shenanigans of ACORN’s vast web of nonprofit affiliates. Strom called MonCrief a gold mine in July 2008. One of the last stories she wrote before Times editors forced her off the ACORN beat was an Oct. 21, 2008, piece exposing an internal report on ACORN’s potential violations of federal law.

The report found that the tight relationship between Project Vote and ACORN made it impossible to document that Project Vote’s money had been used in a strictly nonpartisan manner and raised concerns not only about a lack of documentation to demonstrate that no charitable money was used for political activities but also about which organization controlled strategic decisions.

Those are just the concerns conservative journalists have investigated for years. And they’re just the concerns Capitol Hill Republicans are citing now to open up financial probes — opposed by Democrats until this week — of ACORN’s national office and its hundreds of affiliates that long have engaged in tax evasion, housing scams, voter fraud and campaign-finance violations.