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The BlogHer Conference

The NY Times has a big piece on the BlogHer conference, a gathering of female bloggers in San Francisco.

This section stood out:

At the seminar “How to Take Names and Be Taken Seriously as a Political Blogger,” many women said that their male colleagues and major media groups tended to ignore them, and to link to them less often (unless they are Arianna Huffington). They pointed to the Netroots Nation gathering (formerly known as Yearly Kos) for politically progressive bloggers, occurring that same weekend in Austin, Tex.

Maybe Kathryn Lopez, Michelle Malkin, Jennifer Rubin, etc. can shed some light on what’s gone wrong for these female bloggers.
Oh, and one question for the uber-liberal, p.c. NY Times.  Why are you covering a story on female citizen journalists in the “Fashion & Style” section?  Sexism, thy name is Grey Lady.


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