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Bob Herbert on McCain

Today’s NY Times:

But what we’ve learned over the years is that Mr. McCain is one of those guys who never has to pay much of a price for his missteps and foul-ups and bad behavior. Can you imagine the firestorm of outrage and criticism that would have descended on Senator Obama if he had made the kind of factual mistakes that John McCain has repeatedly made in this campaign?
(Or if Senator Obama had had the temerity to even remotely suggest that John McCain would consider being disloyal to his country for political reasons?)

Ahh. It’s only okay to say these kind of things if you’re a Democrat, like the entire Bush-lied-us-into-war screech from the Left.
Herbert hits all the highlights. McCain’s gaffes (age), McCain’s bad jokes, and that he’s a “nasty piece of work” using old quotes from Thad Cochran and Pete Domenici to back him up.
What’s funny to me is that these are all arguments I’ve read at length before, but on the left-leaning blogs.  And those blogs do a much better job of trashing McCain than Herbert did today. All his statements are, as they say, old news. If the opinion page is just going to reguritate the lefty blog talking points, why not cut costs and get rid of the expensive talent like Herbert and hire some bloggers? Quality will not suffer, that’s for sure.


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