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Boycott Shock

Michael Yon is not backing down:

… when I learned of this blatant infringement of my copyright on that photograph, I issued an immediate statement clarifying that I had not given anyone authorization for this use, and never would have allowed an image which I’ve called ‘sacred to me’ to be used in a flagrant attempt to profit from discrediting and demonizing American soldiers. What outraged me the most is how the timing of this launch coincided with the Memorial Day weekend, putting 300,000 copies of a slick attack on the very same soldiers Americans were honoring across the country. I am so disgusted with what they did with that image, which to me symbolizes the true nature of our military, that I demanded the publisher take it off the shelves.
HFM not only refused, they intimated in writing that they may have a claim against me for defamation based on the complaints they received from third parties about their unauthorized use of my photo. […]
I can’t stop SHOCK, but the people who shop in the retail outlets that will profit from SHOCK and who subscribe to magazines published by HFM can impact HFM’s future business decisions. Similarly, those companies who use Polaris Images should be wary.
HFM is in the media mega-heavyweight class, and they have dishonored our veterans and our nation, and they did so on Memorial Day weekend. Despite the deception tactics and the outright threats, they will not quiet me. Some of these same distributors have pulled magazines from their shelves that contained cartoons that mocked Muslims and incited riots around the world. Some have pulled magazines from their shelves that displayed salacious images on the cover promoting values the stores were not comfortable sharing. It will be interesting to see how many pull this magazine from their shelves on the principles at stake in this case. I’m betting that retailers will be more sensitive to opinions of their customers, and I’m betting that most Americans would agree that this latest French swipe at our soldiers is one slap too many.

You bet they would. Consider this a call to boycott Shock magazine. Here is a list of retailers that sell Shock. You can start by contacting the first three:
7-Eleven, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters

2711 North Haskell

Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: 214-828-7011
Borders Books

100 Phoenix Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Phone: 888-81-BOOKS
Brooks Drug Store

50 Service Avenue

Warwick, RI 02886

Phone: 800-BROOKS3 (276-6573)
If you have time, you can proceed down the list. Focus on those retailers that have outlets in your area. Let them know what Shock did, and why they shouldn’t be accomplices to this brazen theft of Yon’s property, much less this gratuitous swipe at the U.S. military on Memorial Day.
UPDATE: Eric at Classical Values: “I hope Michael Yon ends up owning the company.”


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