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Breaking News: Portland Hippies Outfoxed by Police

I found how the Portland police department dealt with the eviction of the “Occupy” protesters from two public parks quite amusing:

With so many people, police didn’t attempt to clear the parks immediately, instead focusing on crowd control, police said. When most officers left the area Sunday about 6:30 a.m., protesters thought they would be able to stay in the camps.

The delay gave police a tactical advantage. Thousands of supporters returned home, and some campers who had been working nonstop in preparation for the deadline also left to get sleep. About 9 a.m., officers and Portland Parks & Recreation crews started removing vacant tents, tarps and other gear from the camps. The plan all along, Reese said, was “to go in when it was safe to do so and when we had an opportunity to do it in a manner that was the least confrontational. … That occurred (Sunday). We seized the opportunity.”

With momentum on the side of the police, several campers resigned themselves to packing up while complaining that the police ambushed them.

“We were under the impression we were able to come back to the park,” said Charles Baskin, a protester who had left to get some sleep. “They just started coming in, a little at a time, and then started throwing stuff away.”