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Is Brian Williams Serious About This?

His recent blog post on the storms we had here in the northeast over the weekend (emphasis mine):

Tonight after finishing our work on the broadcast, many of us will go home to the suburbs — to homes and towns without power — what were once beautiful towns look more like suburban wastelands.  I’ve covered a lot of storms in a lot of places: Category 5 tornados, Category 5 hurricanes — but nothing was quite like what happened this weekend from New Jersey north to New England. While I get the mechanics of it (the stationary High, the encroaching low, the pressure gradient that resulted), I could not believe it was happening. Our power has been out since midday Saturday.  Wires are down and constantly arcing and so many roads are closed in so many towns.  Now, rising flood waters are a huge danger, as they soon will be in the Midwest. I guess it’s helpful now and again to be reminded who is in charge, but when I heard those winds on Saturday make that characteristic jet engine sound, I knew this was no ordinary storm.

Despite all of that, we will be here for you at the appointed hour tonight, and we appreciate you joining us as always.

I bet there’s a whole lot of folks who would not trade the horror that is Greenwich for what’s still going on in New Orleans. But hang in there, Bri-Wi: You’ll have cable back before American Idol.


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