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Broussard Episode was Obscene

A lot of people have sent me this link. I’ve resisted commenting because I think it was inappropriate for Aaron Broussard to bring his colleague’s dead mother into the political arena in the first place and I don’t have the stomach to perpetuate the dogfight over the particulars of how she died. Of all the MSM’s screw-ups in covering Katrina’s aftermath (I’m still waiting for someone to apologize for getting the body count so wrong), failing to jump right on the dead-mom fact check doesn’t strike me as the most egregious, although it’s one small part of the larger effort to pile New Orleans’ dead at Bush’s feet.
Once again, the blogosphere did its job of fact-checking the MSM, and once again the MSM was forced to fact-check and correct the record. But the circumstances of this fight are so heartbreaking and macabre, I find the whole fight over it obscene.

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