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Bush on GMA

Just watched Bush’s chat with Diane Sawyer — I think people who were disappointed with Bush’s speech yesterday could take comfort in his performance this morning.
Diane Sawyer asked at least three times about U.S. preparedness for and reaction to the storm. Bush reminded people that no one expected the levees to fail and New Orleans to flood. Bush described the steps he started taking as soon as the extent of the catastrophe was apparent. He also said he hoped people would refrain from politicizing the national tragedy. I wonder if he’s read today’s New York Times.
He also explained why he hasn’t visited yet, which is because a President landing in the area would take too many resources away from the rescue effort. When asked whether other nations were offering to help, Bush said not really because we haven’t asked. This is America and we take care of our own.
Which reminds me: today is blog-for-hurricane-relief day. Glenn Reynolds’ Instapundit and NZ Bear both have great guides to relief efforts throughout the blogs. National Review contributor Mark Steyn is giving all the proceeds from book sales via his Web site to hurricane relief. The Katrina Help Wiki also has links, and there’s always the Salvation Army donation page.

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