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Big stories about each of the cable news nets today. First up, the NYT reports that MSNBC “will apparently be dropping some of its talk-show lineup in favor of more taped reports.” Does this mean less Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. Sadly, we find this paragraph further down:

Two of the channel’s hosts, Chris Matthews of “Hardball” and Keith Olbermann of “Countdown,” clearly will not be affected, because MSNBC’s managers consistently cite those programs as long-sought breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs? From third place to… third place?
Next, CNN president Jonathan Klein tells the NYT’s David Carr, “Sizzle is out — audiences expect substance, and we deliver that in a way no one else does… We are feeling very good about the momentum we have gained and the fact that we are showcasing our reporting. Our gimmick is news.” In noting the story, TVNewser adds, “‘Angelina Jolie: Her Mission & Motherhood’ aired Friday at 10pm, Saturday at 5pm, Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 5pm, and Sunday at 8pm.”
Finally, Fox News ratings have been slipping and CEO Roger Ailes “is on the warpath… and he won’t hesitate to clean house to turn things around,” Broadcasting & Cable reports. B&C also reports this quote from Ailes: “Anyone who displays launch-type intensity will continue to have a job at Fox News. Those who don’t will not. And that includes talent.”
I guess fighting to remain in first place is better than trying to ride “Hardball” and “Countdown” out of the ratings basement.


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