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Cafferty’s Biggest Fan

Listening to Jack Cafferty’s grumpy curmudgeon routine on CNN, I often wonder, “If there was a Jack Cafferty fan club, who would be its president?” Surprisingly enough, it appears that that person would be a Democratic candidate for president of the United States, Dennis Kucinich:

Cafferty Fan

KUCINICH: “I say this is the time to bring the troops home. If you looked at ‘The Cafferty File, you can see that, look, it’s a hell hole. We need to bring the troops home. And, so, my position and my, my race for the presidency is about consistency; It’s about a quest for integrity. It’s about, about saying the money is there to bring the troops home so let’s bring them home. What are we waiting for?” […]
KUCINICH: “And so I’m challenging all the Democratic candidates for president on this point., If you vote for funding for the war, don’t tell the American people you’re opposed to the war. If you vote for funding of the war, don’t bemoan the plight of the troops. We can bring the troops home right now right now. I listened to Jack Cafferty’s – Jack Cafferty’s report. I mean, our hearts go out to all of those families whose, whose sons and daughters are paying a horrible price for the misjudgment of this administration.”

Make sure to watch the whole clip. Blitzer gets in a nice jab at the end (something like: So should we just leave the Iraqis to be butchered by terrorists? Or what?), to which Kucinich responds that we should start a dialogue with Iran and Syria, initiate a “whole new peace plan”, and solve “those issues which are dividing the Israelis and the Palestinians.” Sounds nice and simple. The kind of solution Jack Cafferty might propose now that he’s fixed our broken government by throwing the bums out.
(big h/t to Scott Whitlock)
Video here.