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Calorie Counts for Thee, but Not for Me

The New York Times has a piece out today on the “perfect hamburger.” Here’s the recipe, which calls for a half-pound of 80/20 ground beef per burger. Sounds yummy.

Now, here’s an old editorial from the New York Times lecturing us on our caloric intake and the need for the calorie count to be posted at fast-food restaurants. An excerpt (emphasis mine):

Health officials around the country are pushing to adopt New York’s “Read ’Em Before You Eat ’Em” postings as another way to attack obesity.

Some restaurants are suing to overturn the requirement. Many restaurants also back the LEAN Act, recently introduced in Congress. This deceptively named bill would pre-empt New York’s law, and a similar law in California, allowing restaurants to tuck calorie information at the back of the menu or in a separate brochure. Try getting a teenager aching for a supersized pizza to check calories in a brochure. Congress should instead look to a bill introduced by Senator Tom Harkin that would essentially apply the New York system nationwide.

It is heartening to see that some corporations have already volunteered to disclose calorie counts.

Unfortunately, the New York Times is not such a corporation and does not disclose the calorie count of its half-pound belly-bomb recipe in today’s paper. 


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