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Can Oliver Stone’s “W” Movie Get Any Dumber?

Yes it can! Cindy Adams from the NY Post supposedly has her hands on the entire script. Excerpts:

Here’s Karl Rove making W. memorize answers, telling him, “Before you speak, come to me first. I’ll tell you what to say.” W. chiding late-arriving “Balloonfoot” Powell, saying military men should know about being on time. Rumsfeld, who’s hard of hearing. W. happy when Cheney laughs at his cowboy-delivered twang. Cheney stepping in cow poop at Crawford. W. eating his favorite White House bologna sandwich lunch.


Page 10 on Bill Clinton: “My mother waddles faster than that lard—.” Page 11: “We’ll move these terr’ists to Guantanemera.” Cheney: “Guantanamo.” Bush: “Right.” Then Bush to Cheney: “Vice, when we’re in meetings I want you to keep a lid on it. Keep your ego in check. Remember, I’m the president.”


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