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Cardinal Rigali on ‘Meet the Press’

There’s something inherently fun about seeing Cardinal Rigali on Meet the Press. And it’s even better when he’s reading Democrats the riot act. Via AP:

Two prominent U.S. Catholic bishops said Tuesday that Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden contradicted church teaching by saying in a weekend interview that determining when human life begins is a “personal and private” matter of religious faith he would not impose on others.
The statement from Cardinal Justin Rigali and Bishop William Lori said Biden, who appeared Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” is the latest case of the U.S. Catholic hierarchy correcting a Catholic politician.
… The bishops said Biden was right to say human life begins at conception. But the church “does not teach this as matter of faith; it acknowledges it as a matter of objective fact,” they said.
… Last month, a chorus of bishops issued statements scolding Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for misstating Catholic teaching about when life begins in defense of her support for abortion rights. She accepted an invitation to meet privately with San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer, the bishop of her home diocese, to discuss the matter.

Cardinal Rigali and Archbishop Chaput are two interesting men, and their insights on public life deserve to be taken seriously by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.