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Carlson Covers AP’s Foley/Studds Double Standard

Today on MSNBC, Tucker Carlson commented on the AP’s remarkable double standard in its coverage of the Mark Foley page scandal vs. the death of Gerry Studds — a story Noel Sheppard reported yesterday:

Double Standard
Sheppard wrote:

 So, 23 years ago, the Studds matter was an important moment in history, and a seventeen-year-old was a “young man” old enough to make sexual decisions for himself. Yet, on the same day, the AP was not anywhere near as nostalgic or kind concerning Foley’s behavior two decades later, and not anywhere near as supportive of a seventeen-year-old’s right to consent. In an article entitled “Speaker, majority leader have yet to testify about Foley scandal,” the AP painted an entirely different picture of this issue, including a depiction of Foley as “disgraced.” 

Too bad Carlson didn’t give Sheppard credit for the catch. 
Video here.

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