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Carter Maps, Part II

The underlying map here was created by Dennis Ross, former Middle East envoy to Clinton Administration. The overlay is the map from Carter’s book. I put them together in this animated .gif: Carter Map Overlay

The similarities are obviously too great to ignore. And while attribution has been the center of the plagiarism charges leveled to date, Ross makes an even harder accusation to defend — one of correct usage. This, from his CNN interview on Friday afternoon:

[T]he fact that he’s labeled them as an Israeli interpretation of the Clinton idea is just simply wrong. The maps were maps that I created because, at Camp David and then with the Clinton ideas, we never presented maps, but we presented percentages of withdrawal and we presented as well criteria for how to draw the lines. So after I left the government, when I wrote this book, I actually commissioned a mapmaker, to take those and produce them for the first time.

Jimmy Carter recently denied any wrongdoing in the latest Newsweek:

Well, the maps are derived from an atlas that was published in 2004 in Jerusalem and it was basically produced under the aegis of officials in Sweden. And the Swedish former prime minister is the one who told me this was the best atlas available about the Middle East.

I searched for this 2004 atlas unsuccessfully. 
Since the story broke on Friday, a Nexis search shows that the New York Times is the only major media outlet that has dedicated any time to the story — a 116-word blurb located in the National Briefing section of Saturday’s Late Edition.
UPDATE: Though the mainstream media have neglected this angle, the blogs have stayed on it. More at Gateway Pundit, Political Pit Bull, Soccer Dad and Jewish Current Issues.
UPDATE II: The New York Post ran an editorial on Sunday that covered the both the lack of attribution and incorrect usage of the maps.

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