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Catfight at MSNBC

I actually heard the “thud” and hope this report from is true:

From inside MSNBC we hear Gregory and Olbermann kicked off a feud of their own while ankling last night’s West Virgina primary coverage. In fact, viewers may have witnessed it.
Around 10pm, you might’ve heard a very loud thud, followed by Gregory abruptly wrapping up his panel discussion.
According to witnesses, that thud was Olbermann slamming his fist down on his desk (he was in one studio with Chris Matthews), because he felt Gregory and his panel, in another area, were going on way too long, and nobody was telling him to wrap it up.
Another MSNBC host thinking Gregory is getting too much time in front of the camera? Uh oh.
“As awkward as it was on the air, the fight off-air was really intense and uncomfortable,” says a source.
Gregory got pissed. “Infuriated” at Olbermann’s public behavior, he ripped into producers about the incident, and then headed to Phil Griffin to retell the injustice.
It remains unclear whether Griffin then had a talking to with Olbermann.


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