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‘Catty’ About Community Organizers

In this week’s U.S. News & World Report, staffer Justin Ewers interviews Benjamin Jealous, the new president of the NAACP. (I couldn’t find it online anywhere.) Near the end of the Q&A, Ewers poked at “catty” Sarah Palin, since “catty” is a word used about squabbling women and not squabbling men:

What did you make of the catty remarks at the Republican convention about community organizing?
I would say that being a community organizer is a lot like being a small-town mayor. It just involved a lot more accountability.

While Ewers asked Jealous if the Obama nomination was a sign of America’s racial progress, he did not ask him any questions about Obama’s shelved relationship with his long-time minister Reverend Wright, who spoke to the Detroit NAACP in late spring. Ever the community organizer, Wright was more than “catty” about America deserving 9/11, and much more than “catty” about the U.S. government inventing the AIDS virus as a tool of black genocide. Does the NAACP or its largest chapter endorse Wright’s views by having him appear as a keynote speaker? U.S. News didn’t ask.

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