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CBSNews.Com: Whatever It Takes

Egad: Was just visiting (via Drudge) to check out their take on the Alito vs. Obama video, and here’s what else was on the landing page, with photos: “Hundreds Take Pantsless Commute,” “Sandra Bullock Kisses Meryl Streep,” “Steamed Over Bikini Baristas,” “Chupacabra Found?” and “Buried Secrets of Las Vegas.” I don’t mind trashy – but, for Pete’s sake, that’s pretty trashy. What would Cronkite think? (My guess: “I suddenly feel the need for a latte.”)

I do note that you get these videos on the “Most Popular” tab — which is CBS’s way of saying: “We’re not trashy — our viewers are trashy!” But I notice that if you choose “Home,” what you get, automatically, is “Most Popular.” Translation: “We’re not trashy, our viewers are trashy, and we’ll automatically direct you to that trashiness, for the sake of convenience!” Geniuses! 

Again, not that I object – they haven’t quite got to Page 3 Girl territory – but, given the smug and puritanical self-seriousness of the news division — and this is the news division’s page, not the How I Met Your Mother and The Price Is Right page — I experienced a little cognitive dissonance.


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