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CBS’s Mark Knoller Gets Results

Yesterday, the Park Police pushed back reporters from covering a DADT protest at the White House:

That is, until Mark Knoller politely told the police that they were acting like morons:

No big deal. It seemed ridiculous to me that credentialed press was held half-way deep in Lafayette Park for a peaceful event at the WH fenceline. So I pointed out my concern to a US Park Police officer, and after a time, he phoned someone, likely his superior, and then escorted credentialed press to the fenceline for better coverage of the protest and arrests.

At first the officer refused, saying it was US Park Police procedure. I asked him to contact his superior so I might deliver my objection higher up the chain of the command. And within a few minutes, after he made a cell phone call, he escorted credential press right to the fenceline. I thanked the officer for his effort on our behalf.


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