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Celebrity Is As Celebrity Does

Here’s the People interview with the Obamas and Bidens.  Excerpts:

Sen. Biden, are you ready to hit the basketball court with Barack?

Joe: Hell yeah, man.

Jill: He plays with the grandkids; we have a basketball hoop. He can train with Maisy.

Joe: I can’t keep up with Maisy! The one thing I want my kids to remember about me is that I was an athlete. The hell with the rest of this stuff. . . .

Mrs. Biden, what should Sen. Obama know about your husband’s habits?

Jill: He’s pretty much a night owl, so they have that in common. He’s on that Blackberry and his phones constantly. I won’t let him drive the car because everything’s ringing. I say, ‘Pull over!’ It’s too dangerous. Or we go the wrong places. (Laughs.)

And here’s one for Kathryn . . . a rosary joke:

Are you carrying your rosary with you?

Joe: (Grimaces) No. I did have it with me [earlier], but I had a light blue suit on and Jill said, ‘No, wear a dark one.’ So I changed my suit and forgot the rosary in my pocket. I keep losing them. I think people steal ‘em on me — I’m joking.

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