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Chicago Prepares for Barack the Great

Jay Levine of CBS2 in Chicago offers an Obama ”Measuring the Drapes” update:

It’s not a done deal yet, but all indications are that campaign officials are leaning toward Hutchinson Field on the south end of Grant Park as the site of their election night party.

The field is home to softball diamonds, the popular summer Lollapalooza music festival and was the site of the mass Pope John Paul held in Chicago nearly 30 years ago.

Video of that 1979 visit here. So we’re putting Obama and Pope John Paul the Great in the same story? Wow, talk about opposing views on the culture of life! They’re worried that November temps in Chicago could be a little chilly, but Levine asked Jerry Roper of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce to extend the analogies:

“People have been following Barack Obama around the world, and the world will have their eyes on Chicago that evening,” Roper said. “With the Pope’s visit from 30 years ago, to Lollapalooza, this city knows how to handle big events.…We’re prepared.”

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