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ChiComms Testy at Olympic ‘Handover’ Ceremony

The bad boys in Beijing are mocking the Brits:

London’s display at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics has been ridiculed in China, with the media mocking mayor Boris Johnson and deriding the British for laughing “about their own stupidity”.

… [Mayor Boris] Johnson was accused of being “rude, arrogant and disrespectful” for accepting the Olympic flag with one hand, putting his hands in his pockets and not buttoning up his jacket.

London’s handover pageant meanwhile – which featured a red double decker bus, the guitarist Jimmy Page, reality television singer Leona Lewis and the footballer David Beckham – was ridiculed for being beyond comprehension.

The Titan Sports Daily newspaper dismissed Page and Lewis as “not famous enough” to be known by the audience in China.

Not feeling a whole lotta love, apparently. 
The Brits are famously self-effacing; you’d think that China, which has a per-capita GDP that is only 15 percent of the United Kingdom’s, even after all these years of heady growth, might learn from that example. But don’t tell it to the readers of the Titan Sports Daily! If they don’t know it, it’s not worth knowing!

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