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China Blames CNN, Other Western Media


Angry Chinese nationalists are using the Internet to denounce Western media coverage of Tibetan unrest, amid a campaign by the Beijing government to discredit what it says are biased foreign reports.
An “anti-CNN website” brands the news channel as the world’s “leader of liars”, exposing what it calls errors in its reporting and in other Western news outlets.
The website was set up by a young graduate from Qinghua University in Beijing, Rao Jin, after overseas Chinese he liaised with complained about some Westerners’ misunderstanding of China, according to the China Youth Daily.
An open letter asking all Chinese to rise up against the “Western Goebbels’ Nazi media” — a reference to German dictator Adolf Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels — has also been circulated on several online forums.
“The Chinese nation, peace-loving, refined and cultivated, has long swallowed humiliation and submitted to insults. It can no longer be a silent lamb,” said the letter.


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