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Chris Matthews On Burma

It’s only a humanitarian outrage if Chris Matthews says it is:

MATTHEWS: What other message, David, was he implying? Why did he say the American people are outraged at Burma, when you and I, who do read the papers—I don‘t even think you and I are outraged, and we read the paper every day — 90 percent of the American people are not outraged at hardly anything right now, but the idea that they‘re outraged about Burma is ludicrous.

John McCain, however, is outraged. From NRO in 2003:

The irony is that by crushing the democratic opposition, the generals have once again demonstrated to their people and the world the fragility of their rule, which no amount of repression will legitimize. That one woman, unarmed and leading only an army of citizens who believe in her, can so rattle a group of uniformed officers who control every instrument of national power is testimony to what Vaclav Havel called the “power of the powerless.” As Havel and many other brave dissidents behind the Iron Curtain knew, no amount of repression can provide a regime the democratic legitimacy that is the only basis for regime survival. No leader or leaders can systematically repress their people and loot their country and get away with it forever. The Burmese military has been doing it for 40 years, and their time is running out.



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