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Chris Matthews Joins The Circus

McCain really missed an opportunity here to tell Chris Matthews that he just asked the most asinine question of the 2008 season:

MATTHEWS:  Yes, let me ask you about this big story that’s breaking over the weekend.  I know you have written a book called “Hard Call,” and it’s about guts at the top.  Here’s a hard call for you.  I know Matt Lauer did this to you the other day.  So I’m copy-catting him.  Here’s a hard call for you.  Given everything that’s happening out in Vegas right now, and Clark County, and you know what’s going on in the news with O.J.—and let me put this in the language of the streets, can the Juice get a fair trial? 

MCCAIN:  I don’t know.  I would not know about that.  The last time a lot of people were surprised that he got at least what was in his view a fair trial.  But, honestly, I have not been keeping up with it as much as I should have maybe, because it’s certainly—This and Paris Hilton are the kind of issues that seem to get a lot more attention than maybe some of us think they deserve. 

MATTHEWS:  The O.J. case has a lot going.  It has to do with ethnicity and celebrity and money and sex.  And here it has to do with armed robbery.  You don’t want to render an opinion on whether he gets a fair trial or not? 

MCCAIN:  I don’t know where he’s going to be tried.  But I also think maybe we ought to think about nuclear weapons and Iran and—

Quick question to Matthews…what in the world does “sex” have to do with the latest O.J. story?


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