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That Clint Eastwood Chrysler Ad Wasn’t Filmed in Detroit

“Detroit is back! Oh, wait. You want us to fly there to film? I’m sorry, Mr. Eastwood won’t do that. How about we stay local and shoot his scenes in Los Angeles?” Via Fox News:

But as much as the extended ad tried to cast the Motor City in an uplifting light, Chrysler apparently didn’t actually shoot any new footage for the ad in Detroit.

New Orleans and Los Angeles, yes. Detroit, no.

The Weekly Standard reports that some stock footage of Detroit was included — but nothing was shot in Detroit specifically for this ad.

“Part of it was filmed in New Orleans … and some was filmed in various parts—such as Los Angeles,” a Chrysler spokeswoman told the Weekly Standard, specifically noting that the tunnel scenes were shot at the Coliseum in Los Angeles.

The whole thing here.


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