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CNN Cancels Eliot Spitzer’s Show

I must be getting old, I remember the days when it was still Parker/Spitzer. Politico:

CNN has taken Eliot Spitzer’s “In the Arena” off the air, replacing it with “Anderson Cooper 360” at 8 p.m. in a shakeup that includes the launch of a new show with former CNBC star Erin Burnett.

The move strips the last remnants of the ill-fated “Parker Spitzer” off the air, six months after CNN parted ways with Kathleen Parker after a period of particularly low ratings. Ratings improved a bit after Spitzer went on his own with “In the Arena,” but clearly not enough to keep him on the air. “In the Arena,” as the Spitzer-only show was known, was pulling in fewer than 100,000 viewers in the key 25-54 demographic toward the end.

The shakeup also pushes “John King USA” and “The Situation Room” back an hour to make room for Burnett’s new show.

Nat Brown is a former deputy web editor of Foreign Affairs and a former deputy managing editor of National Review Online.


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